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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Niggy Tardust playlist.m3u fixed - New Saul Williams / Nine Inch Nails Project

Trent Reznor from industrial faves Nine Inch Nails has produced the new Saul Williams album. It's available for download at and is either free (mp3s) or you can pay $5.00 for it and support the artists (higher-quality mp3s or, my favorite, FLAC files). FLAC stands for fully lossless audio compression, and it's basically CD quality.

Let me tell you, it's totally worth five bucks.

The download (at least the FLAC one I bought) comes with a HUGE PDF file (32 megs) containing full-color artwork and lyrics for each song. It also includes a faulty playlist (m3u) file that seems to suggest the thing was put together on someone's home Mac.

Anyway, if you wan to fix this for the FLAC files, replace the text of the m3u file with the following:
--start copy next line--
01 Black History Month.flac
02 Convict Colony.flac
03 Tr(n)igger.flac
04 Sunday Bloody Sunday.flac
05 Break.flac
06 NiggyTardust.flac
07 DNA.flac
08 WTF!.flac
09 Scared Money.flac
10 Raw.flac
11 Skin of a Drum.flac
12 No One Ever Does.flac
13 Banged and Blown Through.flac
14 Raised to be Lowered.flac
15 The Ritual.flac
--end copy previous line--

I can't stop listening to it. It's beyond hip-hop, beyond industrial. The combination of these two things has created something greater than the sum of its parts. I'm not even a fan of hip-hop, but as Saul Williams is more of a poet, and can sing, it has moments of hip-hop, but it's soooo much more.