San Diego Radio Sucks Quite A Bit

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fox 5 San Diego Sucks Ass

Fox 6 used to be pretty cool, despite the obvious leanings of some of their more idiot morning show personalities. Their evening news shows used to be pretty liberal - much more "fair and balanced" than your regular Fox News bullshit.

As you probably know, they've replaced 6 with 5, taking over the ex-UPN, ex-WB, ex-WTF station. And don't you know, they kept the "news personalities" from the old station.

The agenda stands. It's your old friends, the anti-freedom, ANTI FUCKING AMERICAN REPUBLICANS that only want to take away your freedoms and scare the living shit out of you so you'll obey.

Even longtime cool chick Chrissy Russo seems to have surrendered to the dark side. Sigh.

Good won over evil this time, after two elections where people just didn't make enough of a fuss about a bullshit result, but it's still not enough.