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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Ad Hoc Troubador - Cruising the Mayan Coast

There was this great band out of central Michigan back in the early 1990's named Ad Hoc Troubador.  Definitely inspired by early Depeche Mode and some of the other synth-pop bands of that time.  I got to see them once near the Michigan State campus, can't remember where but it was cold and probably not far from what was then Frandor shopping mall area.

I was going through some tapes tonight and found this one in the mix.  Searching for them on the web reveals almost no results, other than this Metafilter post from like eight years ago and a page on Geocities that doesn't exist any more but the link tries to trick you into allowing multiple fucked up spam sites to send you notifications (so don't click on that one).

I did find the original version of that page on - no review, just the words:

Ad Hoc Troubadour - 1991 at a Michigan State University house party in East Lansing

Anyway, I recorded the tape to my trusty Tascam DR-05, chunked out the tracks, and saved it all as mp3 files.  You can download it here.

I do not own the rights to this content so if anyone has a problem with me sharing it, please let me know and I'll take it down (but it would be cool if you made this music available somewhere as people still want to listen to them).