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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Flashback - Mercury Rev @ 'Cane's - June 10, 2002

I fired up All Is Dream tonight.  I've heard it more than a lot of things over the last five-or-so years because I had it on my phone and it would come up in random a lot.  So maybe it wasn't so random.  Anyway.

This was an amazing evening.  I was with two of my best friends of this time who remain two of my best friends today.  The Shins opened up, and back then I wasn't too impressed, to be honest, so that was wasted on we, the front row Joes who'd shown up super early to get full-on front row for some of our sonic heroes.

At the end of the night, we chased down everyone but Jonathan for an autograph, then hung out outside listening to the surf pound the sand.  We agreed we'd that he had to come out at some point, but we didn't want to seem stalk-y or anything.  There were two other people kind of milling around when he finally came out.  The others ran over to him immediately, but we hung back.  After they'd had their couple minutes with him, we cautiously approached with our Sharpies and rekkid covers.

"You don't have to sign it if you don't want to," I said, offering him both.

"Oh, you know I'm gonna sign it," he replied, mostly exhausted but I'd like to think with a little smile for us.

'Cane's was a venue like no other.  It was literally on the Pacific Ocean and literally a stone's throw away from the roller coaster at Mission Beach's Belmont Park.  It had this rooftop bar where we'd all go and chill on holidays, the drinks and eats were beach prices, but we never felt like they were gouging us.

I saw some amazing shows there.  Spoon.  Spiritualized (in a fucking torrential downpour).  Mogwai (where I met one of said best friends).  Tortoise.  The The.  Front 242.  I'm sure I've forgotten more shows I attended there than I remember.

Anyway, here are the pictures I took that night with my shitty gigantic HP digital camera.

The Shins (1 of 2)

The Shins (2 of 2)

Jonathan Donahue

Jonathan Donahue walking away

Most of Jonathan Donahue

Just the right amount of cowbell

"i remember when i saw them with you & [mediaassassin] at 'Cane's, that was an amazing show!! first row and all... and why? why? why? 'Cane's doesn't exist anymore? :("
-BW, March 2013

That was indeed a great evening, BW. I can clearly recall us being at the front of the stage, directly below Jonathon Donahue: The pickup switch on his Stratocaster remained in the treble (3rd pickup only) position the entire night...and I was constantly wondering if the moisture on the side of my neck was sweat or blood from my ear.
[mediaassassin] and I met and talked to Jonathon outside the venue. He told his he'd be back...that was June 2002 and we're still waiting.

-BY, March 2013

"He told his he'd be back...that was June 2002 and we're still waiting."

never believe the empty promises of a rock star BY!! they'll break your heart... and now he's seen pictures of you hugging Wayne from the Lips!! he's NOT coming back ;)

-BW, March 2013

I was reminded as I got my copy of 'Priest Driven Ambulance' out on the drive home that night that he had been in the Lips. Totally forgot about that.

-BY, March 2013