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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson is to Politics as Ace of Base is to Music


OK, so we don't look to Republicans as the be-all end-all of class, though I know many who, despite their abhorrent political views, actually have quite a bit of tact. The same can be said of folks from South Carolina. I spent a considerable amount of time down that way as a kid, and I've met some really amazing people from that part of the country.

But this guy... come on now. No matter what side of the aisle you're on, you have to respect the president. After we quietly endured the wrath of Bushy for eight fucking years, who does this scrotum think he is to disrespect Obama? And before you try to flame me, remember that John McCain urged this bottom-feeder to apologize.

As Ice-T said, "Freedom of speech... just watch what you say."

There's a gentleman who's planning to run against this suck-u-bus by the name of Rob Miller. At the time of this writing, he got over 6,200 donors to contribute over $215,000 to the campaign to defeat this foul cracker over how he treated the president. During the last hour or so, the number jumped about $10,000.

I really hope this Miller guy knocks fuck-o out of his seat as soon as possible.

Joe Wilson's days in politics are numbered. I just hope he's torn apart slowly by rabid pit bulls with AIDS.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Even Laura Bush Approves of Obama's Speech

Too bad her husband fucked things up for this country so bad it doesn't matter much. Even so, it's true. Laura Bush says she approves of the job Obama's been doing. And this is according to a local news station.

I mean really. Come on people. Most of you morons who were against this speech voted for Bush (twice), and probably voted for McCain. And the former First Lady is not in line with you.

Obama rules. You dumbass redneck bastards and bitches can suck on my freedom.