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Sunday, March 9, 2008

46 Days 'til Coachella - The Black Lips

There's a lotta hype about these boys from Atlanta, I tell ya, and I'm listening to 'em now. I only listened to a couple of songs, both from their 2007 release Good Bad Not Evil:
  • Veni Vedi Vici sounds a bit like a song Quentin would have petitioned for the Pulp Fiction soundtrack back in the day.
  • O Katrina! sounds a little more like the typical three chord monte you come to expect from punk bands, with a dash of surf rock thrown in for the fuck of it. Maybe that's genius irony, maybe it's a little too soon to be joking about it, but either way, it's pretty catchy.
I gotta make this quick, 'cuz I got a Masters degree to finally nab, but I think the poppy, punky tunes, along with their rumored antics onstage, could make for a memorable surprise discovery for those of us who haven't seen 'em live.

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