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Friday, April 11, 2008

13 Days 'til Coachella - Swervedriver

I don't know how I missed this, or when they were added, but Swervedriver is now on the roster for Sunday at Coachella 2008.

I'm still in shock. I mean, shit, it's possible that someone's hacked the Web site and that Swervedriver isn't really going to be there. It doesn't really matter to me anyway, it would just be a sneak preview of what we're in for at The Casbah on May 30. A welcome preview, nonetheless, but still. I'm sure it will be a much different show, for better or for worse, but I'm down to hear both, as long as they're not up against Love and Rockets or Spiritualized or Justice.

Swervedriver went through a progression, like all good bands do. Listening to the transition from Raise to Mescal Head was logical and invigorating. Although Duel was no Sci-Flyer, it's still one helluva track, and has moments of sheer excellence. In fact, both albums have so many killer tracks it's hard to pin the peak of the band's existence on either of the two releases.

Ejector Seat Reservation was much more subdued, but not necessarily in a bad way. I have fond memories of Bring Me the Head of the Fortune Teller, the title track, and especially Last Day On Earth. Progression's a good thing, and while it wasn't quite as rockin' as the band's previous offerings, it was still in line with what I was hoping for, and still kept my interest.

I have to admit a few things here. First, I only own copies of EJS and 99th Dream, their last album. Also, I went to catch them live with a dear friend of mine one night at The Casbah. I offered to drive, and once we parked the car, we decided to get a bit irie. OK, well, more than that. We figured we wouldn't be walking, much less driving anywhere else for some time, so we kinda blew the doors off.

We stumbled several blocks to the venue and saw another band's name on the chalkboard on the door. I asked the doorman, "Isn't Swervedriver playing here tonight?"

He replied, "Dude, I think I'd know if Swervedriver were playing here tonight."

Sadly, we'd misread the San Diego Reader ad for the show. It turned out they were indeed playing that night, but across town at another club. Being far too intoxicated to drive, we decided to kick around the finer alleys of midtown until I was sober enough to navigate us back to his place in Sherman Heights. We drank homebrew and listened to Raise until we passed out, hoping they'd be back again.

Karma has a strange way of paying off. Now we have tickets to see them at Coachella AND The Casbah.

To quote that kid in Animal House when the half-naked girl flies through his window, "THANK YOU, GOD!"

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bereweber said...

ay ay ay
there's not such a thing as too many concert tickets!
even if they are for the same band
oh you! religious perro, donde está su vicar custome? you are a vicar-perro in a tutu, ha!
see you at Coachella!!! :))
& on Monday too :(