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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Even Laura Bush Approves of Obama's Speech

Too bad her husband fucked things up for this country so bad it doesn't matter much. Even so, it's true. Laura Bush says she approves of the job Obama's been doing. And this is according to a local news station.

I mean really. Come on people. Most of you morons who were against this speech voted for Bush (twice), and probably voted for McCain. And the former First Lady is not in line with you.

Obama rules. You dumbass redneck bastards and bitches can suck on my freedom.

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bereweber said...

ha ha, your post is funny, yet what we are dealing with is NOT funny!!

never thought i'd thought highly of mexican politics, i thought in Mexico we were screwed, but the US is getting as bad!! at least we have the excuse of being a 3rd world country, so our politicians & people many times behave accordingly, but it's a SHAME that Americans are SOOO STUPID lately... being such a "strong" country and not supporting something as basic as humane-logical health care!

it makes me "muy triste"