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Monday, January 9, 2012

Coachella 2012 Schedule is UP!

Coachella 2011 was a fucking disappointment of epic proportions.

Coachella 2012 is looking like it's going to be the complete opposite.

While 2011 had its moments, it never really had what I call "The Moment."  That is, the moment when you look at the stage, you look at the crowd, you look at who you came with and say, "This is why we came."

Honestly, if it weren't for Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, Arcade Fire, Cut Copy, Trentemoller and fucking LEFTFIELD, it would have been worth skipping.

But even the worst Coachella was still good.  It just wasn't up to the other nine years I've been.

But 2012????!??!?!?!?!? FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure where to start, but this year's lineup has inspired our faith in the festival.

And while we're not getting any of my top four list (Tom Waits, David Bowie, Everything But the Girl, Lamb), we're getting some pretty amazing acts.

So love us or hate us, we'll be back blogging about the acts you MUST see this year at Coachella.

p.s.  If you go to the second weekend, which I still think is stupid as hell, you're going to Makeupchella.  NOT Coachella.

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bereweber said...

Godspeed You!! White Perro, darn, beautiful line-up!! really hoping I can make it...