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Saturday, January 25, 2014

75 Days 'til Coachella - Austra

OK, I'm starting to get pissed now.  I can't find any really shitty bands at Coachella this year.  The only bad thing I can say about Austra is that they blurred out all the nudity in this video.  Come on, we're all adults here, so show us your boobies already.

I know I should be overjoyed, and don't get me wrong, on some levels I absolutely am.  I can't remember a year since I've been doing this that I've found such a fantastic over/under ratio.  This is going to make selecting tracks for our traditional Coachella or Bust CDs that much harder, because those bitches only go to like barely 80 minutes.

So, about Austra.  Damn.  Take Florence or Zola Jesus and put her in front of a really dark early 80's synth pop band and you're pretty much there.  Think Frida's I Know There's Something Going On with a killer dancefloor draw and those trilling, melancholy vocals of Zo' or Flo' with plenty of tinkling synthesizers.  Gorgeous, dark-gray stuff, only lit by the occasional strobe through the fog machine's perfumed pollution.

Apparently, they're from Canada, and according to their Wikipedia page, they recently lost out to Arcade Fire on some big prize they give out in the Great White North.  It's probably like a year's supply of bait or a shitload of poutine or something, but still.  I'm sick of AC hogging up all the prizes.  Canada's got some pretty fantastic bands.  Austra's definitely worth checking out.

Poutine.  The national dish of our neighbors to the north.  Or the results of my last stomach pump.

Austra plays Friday, so you shouldn't be too hungover when they take the stage.  You'll probably just be fucked up.


bereweber said...

"You'll probably just be fucked up." That's the spirit, I am sure that's what the Poutine eaters say too!

bereweber said...

wow loved the video, and the music of course! this band is good!