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Thursday, April 16, 2015

One Day 'til Coachella - Answer Key 2015

I haven't been blogging much this year, mostly because I'm busier than a penicillin shot in a whorehouse after the navy's docked and there was a Viagra festival at the same time, but also because we've got weekend two tickets, and I couldn't be arsed to pick how many days it was until Coachella.  Well, now tis the night before day one of weekend two, so there's officially only three more days of the festy left this year, and I figured I should contribute something other than my sunburned wasted ass to the event.

I got inspired by a simple post I wrote back in 2009, I liked that I could imitate the format and I wouldn't have to think too hard to do it.  So here goes.



Los Rakas is about the only thing on early I've heard anything of, and that was just a snippet so it could be good or not.  I promised a friend I'd check out Ghost of A Saber Tooth Tiger.  It's John Lennon's kid's band, and man, does Sean look like dad these days.  Not sure what they sound like but we'll find out. I'm probably going to skip Action Bronson, he's on Vice Records, which is cool, but just doesn't seem like he's going to be anything more special than a blood fart.


Sylvan Esso did a pretty cool set we watched on the stream for weekend one, so that's a possibility, and even though Kimbra got mixed reviews from my friends, I thought she would be worth checking out in Gobi.  Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires is  the first act I'm really stoked to see.  This guy's voice could melt edible panties, or real ones.  We actually bought tickets to FYF Fest just to see him, but didn't end up going through with the plan.  Ride is a band I've been waiting to see since the early 1990's, and from what I've seen and heard online, they haven't lost a thing over the years.  It's going to be heartbreaking to miss Lykke Li, but I'm going to have to miss most of it in favor of Alabama Shakes.  Damn, that chick can SANG!  But they're up against Jon Hopkins, which I'll likely miss most of in Yuma.


Gorgon City was a find from watching weekend one on the stream, supposedly UK Garage but it's all house music as far as I'm concerned.  I could easily stay right there in the Gobi tent for the rest of the nights - Todd Terje and the Olsens might be a surprise, and I'm definitely going to catch Squarepusher, but I'm probably going to miss Todd T for Flying Lotus (as we call him, FlyLo).  Also, I've heard Porter Robinson absolutely killed it in Sahara, and it really looks and sounds like Sahara is turning a corner this year and actually putting on a significant amount of not dogshit acts.

Then I'll go find my drunken fucking friends at AC/DC and finish it out with a dustbowl parking lot Tecate and the slow crawl back to the roach motel.



Bixel Boys in Sahara, just to represent for Detroit. Parquet Courts because my man Mike likes 'em and his taste in music is above average.  Bad Religion is the first act of the day I'm totally stoked on.  Their first time at the 17 year-old desert ass-fest, and they destroyed on the stream weekend one.   Cashmere Cat sounded good from what I heard, but I didn't hear much.  Chet Faker was another find from the stream, he's got a popular song but I won't hold that against him.


Jungle was another live house music act I didn't know before last weekend, so I'll likely check some of them out and totally catch some Carl Craig.  It's a Detroit kinda day.  Glass Animals are cool, but up against a lot of quality acts, including Alt-J and Father John Misty 


FKA Twigs is really the one act I absolutely can't miss.  Her two records, LP1 and EP2 are absolutely fantastic.  SBTRKT might be a good late night starter before hitting  Swans, my close-second must-see act of 2015.  They don't even take the stage until 12:05 AM, so that sucks, but we'll be fine.  We've survived every other time.



We'll wake up with that "what the fuck happened?" feeling, wondering how we could have possibly let 2/3 of the party go by without anything more than a hangover, tinnitus and sore-ass muscles.  Something tells me we're going to miss Sloan at 11:55, because we never get there early enough to catch the one good act they put on way too early on Sunday.  I always make a point to check out Alf Alpha.  I'm not sure if he's this dude I met in a Wal-Mart parking lot a few years ago, but I kinda think he might be.  Anyway, when I tweet to him, he tweets back, and that's pretty cool.  tINI in Yuma should be good minimal housey stuff, and M∅ sounded like she could be an awesome answer to the 95-degree heat they're predicting for Sunday.  I might have to miss part of Panda Bear to do it, so I hope she's really good and it's worth it or she sucks and I can catch PB's full set.


I promised a friend I'd check out his buds in Circa Survive, though I don't know much about them.  Built to Spill seems like a reasonable choice for the next act, and then I'll likely eat food for the first time that weekend and catch some of Jason Bentley or Marina and the Diamonds.  I like Oh No! from Just Dance, so maybe the latter.


Madeon's one I've been wanting to see for quite some time, he can play a Novation Launchpad like an instrument so that should be cool, Philip Selway was recommended to me not as the drummer from Radiohead, but as good mellow music as a palate cleanser.  Mike likes St. Vincent, as do many other people, so I'll almost definitely give her a shot.  Next, ODESZA probably makes sense, and finally, Florence + the Machine + her broke-ass foot.  Thanks for giving the show of your life last weekend, Flo.  I'd love to think we'll be up to stay to the bitter end for Kygo, but I know us and I know that's just not going to happen, so I'll settle for several beers and one more nap before it's all over.

Sorry this post kind of turned into just a bunch of names, but that's what happens when you don't blog for like a fucking year and then get all amped up about the best music festival in the universe.

Be good to each other, people, and if you can't be good, at least don't get caught.  And know when to shut the fuck up.  People are trying to experience euphoria, and that doesn't come with a side of you talking in their ear while they're trying to hear the music.

See you on the other side.

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