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Thursday, February 21, 2008

63 Days 'til Coachella - Porter

I'm listening to Hatful of Corruption, which I have to hope is some sort of nod to The Smiths Hatful of Hollow, but somehow I doubt it. The music isn't bad, it's a little reminiscent of WIG, minus the charm and enigma of Preston, back in the Detroit scene circa 1991.

The songs are short enough to keep my interest, and I think if I were more into this type of stuff, I'd probably really like it, so points there.

It's just a little hard to put my finger on this, it's got elements of Alice In Chains, the bad stuff from Queen, plus the bad stuff from Monster Magnet. Yeah, not a glowing review, but somehow, it's not all that bad.

Nothing I'll be crushing people to get to the front row for, but nothing I'll poo-poo. I'm so masculine.

I think these guys will either be one of the best bands in the early slots or up against Portishead or some other amazing, relevant band, and even their girlfriends, who are probably only dating them for tickets to the big festy, will sneak off to marvel at the relative glory of some other, more deserving band. Like any other band but American Bang.

Yeah. They don't suck HUGE balls, but they're making kissy-kissy faces at that big scrotum in the sky. Don't cry yourself to sleep if you miss them, but if they're the only thing going on and they're in a tent, it's probably a better option than sunstroke.

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