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Friday, April 10, 2009

7 Days 'til Coachella - The Killers

I was first introduced to The Killers in a very unconventional way, back in 2003 or 2004. My good friends Bep & DC (currently known as LA superstar DJs S&Him, and Bep was half of girl DJ duo Electroboobies) and I got together, and I distinctly remember Bep asking me,

"Hey, have you heard of these guys The Killers?"
"Oh yeah," DC cheerfully agreed, "they're great!"
"Yeah? I don't think I've heard them," I answered.

Bep proceeded to sing me the super limited remix of Somebody Told Me they'd received, and just her singing of it stuck in my head as an example of great songwriting. Bep's not a bad singer. But I've never experienced something hitting me like that third-hand before or since.

Having said that, when I saw they were headlining Saturday night, I thought, oh SHIT! Who's going to show up at the last minute THIS YEAR!?!

Last year, I was in heaven when I heard Portishead was the crown jewel of the festival. They were to headline Saturday night. Then, less than a week before the festy (as I recall), Goldenvoice announced that Prince would be the headliner.

"But Portishead is headlining Saturday!" I protested.

After I got over the initial indignation associated with their spotlight being, well, not stolen, but dimmed, I was OK with it. I knew that both acts would put on a great performance, and as you know if you've been following my insane and inane rantings, they all did pretty well.

This year, I felt like it was inevitable that an artist of Prince's stature would show up and swoop down to the main stage Saturday to put the killers in its shadow. However, we're a week out, and it hasn't happened yet. Maybe last year was a fluke, and maybe I'm just a dreamer, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a surprise or two at this year's event.

I remember a post on Mogwai's page. I'm paraphrasing but I believe it said, "If any of our fans also like the band The Killers, please send us back our albums for a full refund. Seriously. They suck."

I'm not so sure that I think they totally suck, and looking on the bright side, I'd rather see them up there on Saturday than the motherfucking Red Hot Chili Peppers YET AGAIN. I'm not really impressed by their latest stuff, but that's probably why they'll be a draw. Much more poppy and polished than Hot Fuss. It's almost like they got a new singer, or their original singer got a lobotomy or something. It's none of my business, but hey. Inquiring minds want to know.

Me? I couldn't give a shit. Put out a good show or fuck off.

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