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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post-Coachella Blues, Volume 1

So today, I finally broke down and signed up for Twitter.

Let me be clear. I really think Twitter is to the Internet what some people thought punk rock was to The Decline of Western Civilization. Equivalent.

It just seems like such a stupid thing. You're limited to like 140 characters. The frosted side of me says, well, you just have to be concise. The whole wheat side of me says, it's just pure fuckwittery, and how can anything meaningful happen in 140 characters?

Anyway, I knew I needed to get on the Coachella Twitter thingy because that's how they're doing their updates. Now I actually have to check this shit. Fuck. Plus, Amanda Fucking Palmer asked me to get on her Twitter feed. Not personally, but since I was one of the perhaps 300 people who helped her safely crowdsurf from the stage to the sound booth, I feel somewhat obliged.

Goddamn you, Amanda Palmer. You're so awesome. I hate you.

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