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Monday, April 5, 2010

11 Days 'til Coachella - Frightened Rabbit

When I saw the name of this band, I thought to myself, yup. Band names are all used up.

But when I heard these guys for the first time, I realized that the comparisons on their Napster page were apt: Acid-tongued lyrics in the style of Arab Strap, sing-along harmonies similar to Iron & Wine, tied together with the driving guitar rhythms that evoke the memory of Doves.

And yet there's a bit of pop appeal to this act, I can almost imagine Damien Rice and Sufjan Stevens fans slowly gravitating to wherever they'll be playing on Saturday.

Note, the video is NSFW, but if you know what Arab Strap sounds like and you played it anyway, you're probably too stupid to have a job.

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