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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Slint are Back on the Radar?!?!

According to Pitchfork, it's true. They're supposed to perform their classic early-90's post-rock masterpiece Spiderland, in its entirety, July 13, 2007 in Chicago. It's part of the Pitchfork Music Festival in Union Park.

I managed to catch Slint at their reunion tour after they headlined All Tomorrow's Parties a few years back in LA at Avalon, and it was absolutely mindblowing. I heard they sold their instruments on eBay after that as a sort of "we're done" statement. I guess not.

Also of note, Sonic Youth will be playing Daydream Nation front to back on that same day. Sonic Youth is supposed to do the same show at the Greek Theatre in LA as well, exactly one week later on July 20.

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bereweber said...

I haven't read the Coachella part 1 entirely, nor the part 2
but... Slint! back? damn won't be in Chicago in July, but no matter how much of a flip-floppers they are with the stop-the-band-or-not I do love their music!

yes! that LA show, one of the best musical surprises ever

I am so glad you are posting on this blog! & of música!!! orale :)