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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Worst Romantic Comedy of the Year

My vote has got to go to "Lucky You." It's got all the makings of a really shitty cliche stuffed into a poop puff pastry of the most disgusting kind.

I know there's a place for cliche, but NOT in the commercial for the flick. Jeez. Yuck.

Oooh, I'm folding. Ooh, all you do is gamble?

I'm sorry, but fuck this movie. I don't even have to see it. Just fuck it.

1 comment:

bereweber said...

probably this is the least *attractive* piece of your blog
but dunno why i read it & read it again, guess 'cause it is freaking funny... & reading *dysfunctional* (in the good way) posts make me feel better about myself heh heh

yes! fuck that movie, for sure!