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Thursday, January 31, 2008

84 Days 'til Coachella - Man Man

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We've got this pretty cool late-night program on Fox 6 here in San Diego called Fox Rocks that showcases all the music that's coming to town. About 1 1/2 - 2 years ago, I saw an episode that showcased this band opening for The Firey Furnaces at The Epicentre up yonder in Mira Mesa, but nobody else wanted to make the trek. To be fair, it was probably a mid-week deal, and it was definitely an all-ages affair. Two strikes in my circle.

I knew I was missing something pretty good, though I'd never heard more than a brief snippet of what they sounded like. Now that I'm trying to check them out, I'm not finding more than a few samples here and there, but they do sound promising. Reminicent of Tom Waits on Frank's Wild Years (which happens to be my favorite album in a LONG line of close seconds) but I think the hipper among us might draw comparisons closer to Modest Mouse's relatives from The Old Country, wherever that might be (as long as it's Italy or Eastern Europe).

All's I know is that their song Young Einstein on the Beach from their Six Demon Bag album is definitely NOT a nod to the fucking Counting Crows song of nearly the same name.

They're just interesting enough to be intriguing, and just intriguing enough to pull me away from a familiar sure thing playing in the same time slot.

I love that a company that makes rolling papers have a Web site (, and that it features shots of bands like Man Man, Beirut, Blackalicious, and Dinosaur Jr.

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