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Thursday, January 24, 2008

91 days 'til Coachella - Kraftwerk

Even though I've seen Kraftwerk twice, once at Coachella 2004 and once at The Greek in LA later that year, I'm still extremely excited to see the founders of electronic music.

I'll never forget watching The Pixies on the main stage that year. It was their first tour in over ten years. The last time I'd seen them was in 1993. After their set, Kim Deal announced into the microphone, "See y'all at Kraftwerk tent!" The crowd stuck around to SCREAM and cheer for about five minutes while the band posed for pictures.

After that, there was a tactile flow of people all swimming towards the Sahara Tent where Kraftwerk had just started. It was nearly impossible to get closer than 40 feet from the tent, but my man Jay grabbed me and shouted something, yanking us both into one of the openings on the audience left side.

We saw people standing in the rafters, a place I never thought would hold human bodies. After each song, the swell of applause was loud enough to be an act all its own.

"For all we know, they were just up there surfing the 'net!" My friend later told me. Sure, watching four bald German guys standing in front of laptops may not be some folks' idea of fun. But for everyone in that tent, it was like watching history unfold. Well, sort of. And not for everyone.

These two teeny-bopper girls were talking back and forth in the tent, trying desperately to understand why everyone was so enamored with the act.

"What's the deal with these guys?" The one asked the other.

"I don't know, I guess they're new or something," replied the other.

Aaaah, youth.

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