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Monday, January 14, 2008

Coachella 2008 - Give Me 'Head


I've been waiting all year to hear who will be headlining Coachella 2008, and all I can say is, those bastards better get me some My Bloody Valentine. I know The Breeders are reuniting, and to be honest, I really don't give a flying fart about them. It's great if you like them, but if you do, you weren't into The Pixies back in the early 90's, when they were still playing shows.

I saw Los Pixos when they played Saint Andrew's in Detroit back in 1993. I'd been experimenting with bootlegging techniques, and thought I was the bee's knees back then, with my little Panasonic cassette recorder and my Radio Shack microphone. I had long hair, and wore contacts, but for that show, wore my glasses so I could wire the mic up the back of my oversize flannel shirt, and up the back of my scraggly long hair.

What resulted was the best boot I'd made to date, though it was totally mono, it was very listenable (early failures included Nine Inch Nails, circa 1990, and Jane's Addiction, circa 1991).

So come on, Coachella, give me 'head. I don't care if it's of the Portis' or Radio' variety, or even Bucket', but help a brother out. I had a dream that Radiohead was headlining (no puns here) Saturday, and that Portishead was the second headliner on Saturday. Yeah, not MY dream lineup, but as long as they weren't playing at the same time...

I mean, yeah, that'd be so amazing, but I'm not stupid. If that lineup does come to pass, please burn me as a witch.

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bereweber said...

oh i finally read it

and guess is a literature experiment
but decided to copy here the most outstanding words of the post... in order of appearance i think

and before that
NOOOO i really hope they don't line up radiohead with portissshead (ok i didn't pronounce the SH so shut up!) that would be 2 heads, and 2 heads are never better than just one, as a snake (not boa, another one)

anyway, the words, really IMPORTANT words that were really necessary for this post

1. flying fart.

2. the bee's knees.

3. scraggly long hair.

4. it was totally mono, it was very listenable.

5. Coachella, give me 'head. I don't care if it's of the Portis' or Radio' variety, or even Bucket'.

6. a dream.

7. please burn me as a witch.

append: 8. u suck