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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

93 days 'til Coachella - Kavinsky

When: Saturday
Tracks: Wayfarer, Grand Canyon, Testarossa Autodrive
What it sounds like: Jan Hammer meets Vitalic at afterhours

Just listening to this act for the first time, and Wayfarer is just good jumping around fun shit. If I'd heard it for the first time at Coachella I'd definitely be bopping around, flipping here and there like a near-al-dente piece of pasta in hot water. It's kind of got that Miami Vice theme song thing going for it, and kind of sounds like he was hanging out with Vitalic for an elongated weekend before writing it, but man, does it get the point across.

Grand Canyon is a bit more on the grand scale (think Tangerine Dream in Risky Business, but more dramatic and compressed). Hmm, no pun intended there, but maybe they're one step ahead of me. Anything's possible.

With an album (EP?) title like 1986, maybe my observations aren't so stunning. The Tom Cruise flick was released just three years before, and TD was still soundtracking back in '86.

Testarossa Autodrive, from the Teddy Boy offering (2005), sounds a bit like a tribute to the music played during an old-style arcade racing game, the kind where you and seven stoned friends sit down in a basement arcade in a college town and try to outshift each other on a series of Poll Position stand-up machines. Either that, or the music heard during a cut scene from some game lacking grammar check - the kind of game that has errors that would make English teachers' heads explode, and inspire a phenomenon on par with All Your Base Are Belong to Us.

So needless to say, Kavinsky is my first really amazing find for Coachella 2008.

Hey, does anyone want to trade a $0.25 Pinball Pete's brownie for a $0.25 shot of super syrupy cola?

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