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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

30 Days 'til Coachella - Beardyman

I remember a few years ago when I saw Beardyman on the schedule for Coachella.  I said to myself, well, that's a stupid name, and I pretty much wrote him off.

When I was walking through the festival, I overheard someone declare, "Beardyman was AWESOME!"  I didn't pay too much (positive) attention to it, because no matter how bad a band is, there will always be the faithful who love them.  In fact, I have been a member of at least one of those bands.

However, when I was visiting my friends in Italy this past year, I learned that they were YouTube fanatics.  No matter what I tried to show them, they'd already seen it.  IT was a little frustrating, but they were able to show me so much cool stuff, I really didn't care.

One of the things they pulled up was Beardyman's 2009 Edinburgh appearance.  Part stand-up comedy, part beatbox, and all genius, Beardyman is a one-man fucking fireball like a comet hurdling toward your dancin' shoes.  This dude seems to be able to do things out of both sides of his mouth at the same time.  This is apparent in the first few minutes of the video, all of which is available below.

One of the crazy things he does is request genres, themes and yes, even colors from the audience, around which he creates a (very cool) song from scratch.  He does use some looping and drum machines, but he honestly doesn't have to.

Even if you don't appreciate the music, you have to respect the talent of this guy.  Make room for Beardyman if you can.

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