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Sunday, March 29, 2009

18 Days 'til Coachella - The Presets

I keep looking for reasons why I bought a three-day ticket when Sunday could easily suffice as my last day on earth, and I think I´ve found one for Friday, at least. Australia´s The Presets may have come to the rescue here, making for an interesting time the first day of a long, yet too-short weekend.

Or maybe not.

I´m trying to decide here. Pros include their hooky melodies and basslines. Cons include their similarity to the sound of The Killers, who I´m not huge on. Full disclosure, I really need to listen to more of both of these bands beforehand. But honestly, I´m going to be putting current Saturday headliners The Killers under a gigantic microscope in the days to come, and I´ll render my decision here.

I just can´t believe that The Killers are big enough to headline Saturday night. It´s almost like putting a picture of your grandmother on the dining room table for a dinner party when you´ve got the original Mona Lisa stuck to the wall in a half bathroom or something.

I´ll check out The Presets if there´s nothing else going on, but despite their electronic coolness, they don´t sound like a don´t miss to me.

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