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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

29 Days 'til Coachella - Crystal Castles

So I'm not totally sure what to think of Crystal Castles, the electronic duo named after the 80's video game. Some of their stuff is pretty cool (Crimewave, Magic Spells), and some of really sucks trailer hitch (Love and Caring, xxzxcuzx me). Like when did AIM become the way to name songs? Aah, you kids today, you don't know music...

It definitely sounds like music from and/or inspired by the video game, or at least video games of that era. It's definitely better than those soundtracks out there to shitty movies that tell you it's got "music from and inspired by the movie" - those are almost always throwaway tracks by second-rate or sucky artists trying to get out of a contract. And then there would be like one good song from one of your favorite artists on there, so you had to tape that song and even then it never sounded as good as all the other stuff you had, so eventually you had to break down and buy it just for that one song...

This is why I love the Internet. If something sucks, fewer people pay for it.

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bereweber said...

hola sr. perro, i am so happy you are doing your count down to Coachella, and thanks for posting about all these pinche new artist that i don't know! maybe 'cause i am so old ack ack ack, but you should've told me all these names, well i guess now i am reading them on the blog and now i know this Crystal Castles kind of suck... gonna read about the other bands too!

gracias! and very cool that you are reviewing this bands pre-Coachella! great idea :D