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Thursday, March 26, 2009

21 Days 'til Coachella - MSTRKRFT

I recently picked up a bunch of CDs, and I have to admit, I bought it solely on a few recommendations. Then when I got it, I was like, Who told me about these guys again?

Whoever it was, let me take this opportunity to kiss your feet, because 2006's The Looks is fantastic. It sounds a little like Daft Punk doing progressive house music. It reminds me a bit of Vitalic's OK Cowboy too, but I think this album is more solid than anything either of the two aforementioned artists has released. It has a psychedelic edge I haven't heard too much in electronic dance music, and it works well.

Don't get me wrong, I love Daft Punk and Vitalic, but I just think that overall the eight tracks on The Looks maintain a level of quality that you don't see on every single track of, say, Human After All. OK, I know that's not considered DP's best effort, but still.

MSTRKRFT are playing Saturday, and given the lineup for that day, there are few acts I'd cry over missing to catch these guys. The Sahara tent will most likely be the site of the pummeling these Canadians are going to bring to the hump day of the festy, so be sure to do your drugs BEFORE you enter the big tent for maximum effect!

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