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Monday, March 29, 2010

18 Days 'til Coachella - Iglu & Hartly

Today, is featuring a video by Friday small-print artists Iglu & Hartly. Immediately I felt like these guys could be a guilty pleasure, something that you wouldn't want to admit you liked until you were the only one at the party not talking about how geekily cool they were. They're kind of like a cross of the image Devo portrayed when they came out and the music MGMT is doing is Eminem were goofing over it.

Maybe I shouldn't compare it to hip-hop... the the rapping is more the embryonic talk-over of the early 80's as opposed to the I'm-so-hard-my-shit-cuts-glass-like-a-diamond thing so many idiotic MCs put out there that just sets them up for failure in my mind, musically. I mean, how can you take someone seriously who's talking about all the money, bitches and cars he's got when you know a few months ago he was being told to shut the fuck up by his fellow bus riders?

Not exactly hip-hop, not exactly electro, but these guys take none of it seriously. Except maybe that little tinge of Sign 'O the Times-era Prince that creeps in every now and then that makes you think it's all so very well planned out, maybe they've found the perfect balance between chic and geek.

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