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Monday, March 22, 2010

25 Days 'til Coachella - Girls

For this review, I'd like to paraphrase the first Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode, where Homer is shopping for a present for Bart at the last minute.

AMG says the group makes "druggy, ethereal pop in the spirit of Spiritualized..."

That's GOOD!

"...and Ariel Pink."

That's BAD!

WTF? Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti sounded like they would be really cool at Coachella last year, and they ended up suckin' fire hydrant.

The title track from Morning Light sounded really cool and spacey.

That's GOOD!

But the track Laura from their most recent album, Album, sounded a little too much like the Beach Boys.

That's BAD.

I respect what the BBs did, but I think I was born a little too late, musically to really appreciate it. Plus my friends Jeff Burton & John D'Agostini released an album called Pet Smells that totally fucked Brian Wilson in the ear.

Pitchfork listed Girl's latest as one of their top albums of 2009.

That's GOOD!

But Pitchfork also listed Major Lazer's album on that same list.

That licks the toejam from an undertaker's discount lost and found.

So the jury's out on Girls. The band, not the sex. I kinda think they could be decent but I'm not going to miss, say, a Ready 4 the World reunion to check them out.

p.s. This image is called "Frogurt," but I found it by Googling "the topping contains potassium benzoate."

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