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Thursday, March 18, 2010

29 Days 'til Coachella - Talvin Singh

Aah, I needed a palate cleanser after suffering through the absolutely taint-snarfing Major Lazer, so I dialed up the latest release by Talvin Singh. And now for something completely different. This could be the soundtrack to a Bollywood hit, or something playing at the afterhours at the local curry house.

I think I first heard Talvin Singh a Cafe Del Mar compilation (Volume 6), Kid Loco did a remix of Traveller, and it was a great way to lead-off the album. For what it's worth, those Cafe Del Mar comps are the height of chillout, if you like to chill, definitely check this series out.

This guy plays a mean tabla, which is something I'm a sucker for. I've never heard of him playing live, but I really don't get out too much. This is going to be something pretty unique on Sunday.

I'm actually glad they moved Gil-Scott Heron from Sunday to Friday, as Talvin Singh is now officially my 12th "can't miss" act on the last day of the festy.

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